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Get to Know The Hawaiian Islands Before Your Vacation Starts

22 October 2008

There are six main islands in Hawaii that vacationers venture to throughout the season to escape winter, enjoy the rich culture and history and to partake in experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. The six main Hawaiian islands include; Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and The Big Island of Hawaii. Each of these islands has specific climates, activities and differences that create a unique experience for each visitor.

Kauai holds the Hawaiian answer to the Grand Canyon. Did you know that this canyon is one of the largest in the pacific? The Waimea canyon is an essential part of your trip to Kauai and tours are available throughout the year in a variety of forms to explore this canyon. Kauai is one of the oldest islands, and the northernmost – and is filled with rich historical experience that envelops the visitor. Boat rides to the cliffs of Nipali Coasts are an essential part of any visit, as nowhere else will you have the opportunity to see such towering cliffs hanging over your head.

A vacation to the island of Molokai allows the visitor to take a step into the past. Even now, over half of the population of the island is descendants of native Hawaiians, and this evident in the culture found on and throughout the island. The rich history can be seen in the many museums and historical sites. From the quiet, historically preserved town of Kaunakakai to the luxurious valleys, never has life been more similar to how it has been created on this island. If you are looking for a relaxing, yet, historical vacation – then this is the island for you.

Lanai has become known as the Island to escape to for a trip to paradise, a quiet round of golf, or a complete lack of traffic! Did you know that there is not one traffic light on the entire Island of Lanai? The two private golf courses or the rock formations which are referred to as ‘the gardens of the gods’ are only three of the reasons to visit the quiet island of Lanai. If you are seeking an escape, or a vacation in which you can reconnect with your partner, or your golf game – than this is the island for you.

The Big Island is the largest of the Hawaiian Islands, large enough to hold the majority of the world’s climate zones! Many love the feel of the large island because of the diversity that can come from vacationing here. From waterfalls, beaches and botanical gardens to some of the largest beaches on the Hawaiian Islands, this is the place to visit.

Oahu incorporates largely the essence of the Hawaiian culture, as this state capitol is where the largest majority of Hawaiians call home. Pearl Harbor, the North Shore and Waikiki Beach are only three of the sites that can be seen on the Island.

Maui has some of the best beaches in the world according to most travelers. It is the second largest of the Hawaiian Islands and is home to the largest population of Humpback whales, in the world! Maui has extensive roadways which will provide hours of tourism, so renting a car and enjoying the seaside is one of the main tourist destinations on the island. On Maui, there is an extensive whaling history. This history can be seen in the whaling museums and information posts available throughout the island. Tours which include whale watching are some of the best in the country, available for moderate prices – it is definitely the experience of a lifetime.

Each of the islands is an experience amongst themselves and is only part of the reason that Hawaii is such a popular vacation destination for many people. This is one of the fantastic things about a Hawaiian vacation; the islands are in close proximity to one another and therefore create a fantastic opportunity for vacationers to see more than one island. In fact, many travel companies offer vacation packages in which you can visit more than one island at a time, as part of a package. What can be better than two or three vacations in one – visit Hawaii to experience all of this, and more!


  • Gas Prices/Gas Mileage said:

    Don’t forget to plan for your rental car if you’re flying to Hawaii! I guess anyone visiting with a Hawaiian Cruise vacation probably won’t need one. Gas prices are usually higher in Hawaii, so look for something with better gas mileage.

  • jenna said:

    omgggggg i like loves hawii lol i just love this pic it is sooooo pritty lol

  • Sheralyn said:

    We spent some time on both Oahu and the Big Island during our honeymoon! Oahu was nice, but too much hustle and bustle for our tastes.

    The Big Island is worth seeing at least ONCE just for the chance to check out Volcano National Park – if we ever go the the Big Island again, we plan on spending at least a couple of nights in Volcano National Park – I want to see the lava flows at night!

    Maui is my favourite though! Tons to see and do, plus the landscape is varied, which keeps it interesting! I just love it there!
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  • Noelani said:

    Nice breakdown of the islands. My ohana went to Hawaii in 2006 and it was a paradise. I wish we could of went to more islands but we only stayed on Oahu. Maybe Kauai next time. Maybe the vacation package you mentioned is like the one on this consumer video all inclusive vacations  website. Anyway, I love Hawaii, and will be taking my ohana there soon now that we have 4 boys total.

    .-= Noelani´s last blog ..Vacation to Go All Inclusive – Pamper Yourself =-.