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Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort

14 October 2008

The Hilton Waikaloa Village Resort Indulgence

For tourists desiring for an awesome and exhilarating oceanfront experience, the Hilton Waikaloa Village Resort is the perfect refuge. The tranquil waterways and bordered walkways inspired by the Polynesian artwork are a warranty of an enervating ambience.

Located on the Kohala coast of the Big Island, the Hilton Waikaloa Village Resort lets you run up against an abundant wildlife, lush tropical gardens, world-class dining, classy shopping experience, an ample spectrum of sports activities such as tennis and golf and other programs you’ll surely indulge into.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to Hilton Waikaloa Village Resort’s activities and services. There’s so much to do in this resort. A day is not enough to finish the line-up. You can relax into the Kohala pool and ride with its current, fish viewing in the tropical lagoons, abate in the world- class services of its spas, or play golf all you want, or tennis maybe.

Then you can spoil yourself into shopping through its world-class shops and galleries, which offer a vast variety of fashionable and artistic articles. Fitness and Wellness Programs are also available in Hilton Waikaloa Village Resort. Coddle your fitness through Yoga and Pilates workouts, Cardivascular and Strength sessions, Hydrotherapy treatments, specialized massages and other Fitness and Welness classes.

You can also rejuvenate yourself and purchase spa products at the online store at the Kohala Sports Club & Spa Website. You are also entitles for a preference membership at the Kohala Sports Club & Spa to enjoy several package promos and privileges.


  • Bali Villas said:

    Even though I’ve never been there, I can see that the beach is very stunning..This resort reminds me about some beachfront resorts in Nusa Dua Bali.

  • Jason said:

    I’ve took my family to Hilton Waikaloa Village a few times already. This popular 4.5-star hotel is a perfect place for beach vacation.

  • Destination Paradise said:

    Hilton Hawaiian Village has an awesome fireworks show every Friday, It’s right on the beach behind the Rainbow Tower. The beach is also a beautiful place to watch sun sets

  • Omni Tucson resort said:

    Great post, thats a beautiful setting for a hotel.

  • Rob Dalton said:

    The Waikoloa Beach Resort is a great place and the pool at the Hilton is amazing. A lot of travelers choose to stay at some of the luxury vacation rentals in the resort. You can view a selection of them at http://www.waikoloavacationrentals.com. Even while staying in a vacation rental, you can get a pool pass and enjoy the Hilton.

  • bali vacation said:

    This resort look so familiar
    hope someday have to travel

  • Cross Channel Ferries said:

    I only stayed one night but would have liked to stay longer. I have short breaks in that hotel throught the year and would happily stay at the hotel again.

  • Cuzco Hotel said:

    if i had the opportunity i would not hesitated to visit this spectacular hotel..loving the picture of it.. its seems like really nice..

  • Las Vegas hi rise condos said:

    I am planning to travel to Hawaii with my family. Spending time on a ocean front will be a great experience for me. Picture you posted is really awesome. I have actually gain extra information about this hotel by reading comments. Nice post & very useful information.

  • Frank - Resort Software said:

    This resort just looks absolutely beautiful. I’ve never been but would love to someday. Trouble is, the list of places to visit is just getting longer and longer. I’m going to have to find some way of short listing them.