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Princess Cruises to Hawaii Vacations and Travel Packages

5 June 2009

Princess Cruise Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii is a beautiful island paradise that attracts people worldwide to come and enjoy its beautiful landscape, attractions, and people. And what is more beautiful and fantastic about that wondrous paradise is seeing it from the ocean on a luxurious and royal Princess Cruise.

Princess Cruises is a company founded in California in 1966 for cruise lines around the west coast. One of the most popular cruises of the Cruise Line Company is, of course, the Cruise line to Hawaii where tourists are able to see the beautiful Island State of Hawaii from the ocean. The cruise line also often docks and allows tourists to experience the wonderful tropical landscape.

There are many Hawaii Vacation packages to choose from when deciding on what Cruise to take.

These packages are normally divided into which port that potential travelers desire to get off at. These Docks include Diamond Head, Kaneohe Bay, Kona Hawaii, and Maui Hawaii.

When choosing a Hawaii Vacation from the Princess Cruiseline Package list, tourists have the option to choose how long they want to be on the cruise. After this, tourists are able to chose where they wish to embark from or disembark from. For Princess Cruise lines, the options for disembarking from the continental US going to Hawaii is restricted to San Francisco whereas Hawaii ports are all the four aforementioned.

When choosing a Travel Package for Hawaii vacations, it is important to weigh all options to get the best deal and the best fit for the desired trip.


  • La Digue said:

    Yes it is crucial to check out and compare different cruise packages before jumping upon the cruise ship. I have heard a lot about Hawaii and how tourists enjoy going there for their vacations. This time round i really need to consider a cruise to Hawaii….

  • gilbert said:

    Hawaii is a great place to have a vacation tour..this what I’m looking for planning to have a cruise vacation to take a break from work,,,

  • Driving school said:

    I’ve had a chance to travel on this legendary ship. It was really amazing and of course unforgettable. I advise to everybody!

  • World Cruises said:

    Great information you have here. Hawaii would definitely be one of my favorite cruise destinations to go!
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    I hear Hawaii is beautiful this time of year 😉

  • Mark Diles said:

    Great article on a vacation to go all inclusive to Hawaii on a Princess Cruise ship. My wife and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon and it was a paradise. I wish we would have booked something like this all inclusive cruise. Looks like this sort of thing is catching on from what I can tell from the video on this all inclusive vacations  website.

    Happy Princes Crusies!!!
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  • Carico said:

    I love Hawaii and I love to cruise so this would be the perfect vacation for me. Now I just have to think of a holiday or an excuse on why we need to go!

  • Safari Racheal said:

    Cruises are the best activity one would not miss out.Therefore i invite everyone to come and enjoy this beautiful cruise at Hawaii.It will be a great experience!!!!!!!!

  • 5 Star Hotels in Maui said:

    I am going in January on a Princess cruise to Hawaii. On the first Island (Hilo I think), they have a bunch of excursions that have tours of volcanos but specifically mention they do not view molten lava flows. Are there any that do view molten lava flows?

  • Steven said:

    Yeah, Hawaii is the best place to do some water activities/sports, and the best sand and waves that you ever experience.

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    Great help thanks. I go to Hawaii a lot with my family and always like to stay in holiday villas as it works out cheaper for us than staying in hotels. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning to that hot sun and the sound of the waves on the beach.

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