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[10 Sep 2010 | 14 Comments | ]
Before Your Hawaii Vacation Travel, Park Your Car

Hawaii is becoming more and more popular with tourists which saw over 7 million people visiting the island last year. The appeal of sand, sunshine and general relaxation is overwhelming, not to mention the bragging rights of telling your friends and family you’re going on holiday to Hawaii.

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[3 Sep 2010 | 29 Comments | ]
The Top Four Popular Hawaiian Scuba Diving Sites

If there’s anything that Hawaii has plenty of, it’s warm water and clear seas, both of which make for a scuba diver’s paradise. All the Hawaiian islands host dive sites for the novice and sea monster alike.

The island of Oahu is the primary destination for arriving travelers and has a plethora of dive sites to excite even the most traveled divers. One of the favorite dive sites is the wreck of the Mahi, a 185 foot minesweeper that lies in 90 feet of water with the upper deck at 65 feet. The visibility often exceeds 100 feet and the Mahi hosts many beautiful eagle rays.